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Please email all enquires to info@teencoaching.ie

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About TEEN Coaching


TEEN Coaching is a Behaviour Management Programme for Staff teams working in Youth Services which provide Interventions and/or Care to teenagers who present with challenging behaviour.  This includes Social Care, Youth Justice, Youth Work, Fostering or Educational settings. This Professional Development training teaches a preventive philosophy using reflective practice as the key component to effective behaviour management.  This training has been developed using principles from the modern field of Personal Development Coaching to develop and strengthen front-line skills for working with teenagers who present as aggressive, challenging or disengaged.  Using a facilitation style of delivery, workshops are engaging, thought-provoking and supportive, offering the optimum opportunity for learning & development.


TEEN Coaching has been founded on extensive experienced working with teenagers placed in Juvenile Justice and High Support / Special Care Arrangement Settings.  Combining skills in Coaching, Interpersonal Communication, Listening, Motivation and Self-Awareness, TEEN Coaching workshops has been proven to significantly enhance practitioner's understanding, confidence and skills for working with ‘challenging’ young people. These workshops can also be tailored for Parents; therefore, ideal for Family Resource Centres wanting to offer training to Parent Groups.


TEEN Coaching is under continuous evaluation to ensure the highest standards in evidence-based Training.  Workshops have been extensively reviewed by recognised Irish experts in the field of Psychology and Social & Community Care to validate the benefits TEEN Coaching can be to Professionals and Organisations alike.  Please visit EVALUATION for more info.  


Who would benefit from TEEN Coaching Workshops?

• Anyone new to working with teenagers who present with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.

• Anyone wanting to develop or strengthen their confidence & skills when dealing with challenging behaviour.

• Anyone who finds themselves getting caught up in the cycle of confrontation & conflict with young people but want to learn the skills to progress their practice.

• Anyone wanting to take ‘time out’ for Reflective Practice, especially among fellow colleagues in a structured, supportive and learning environment.  

• Youth Services wanting to offer a comprehensive Induction Staff Training Package.


OFFICE DETAILS: Streete Village, Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland.


          Please email all enquiries to: info@teencoaching.ie

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